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In many cultures getting a tattoo is considered an important ritual. The word “tattoo” actually means “to mark something” or to “tap into the body”. The history of tattooing goes as far as 5000 years. Although there are no clear records of the origin of the practice, but history shows many nations have used tattoos … Continue reading Hourglass Tattoo Wonderful Design →

Hourglass Tattoo Wonderful Design

Badass Sleeve Tattoo With Cross Rose Flower And Flying Dove For Men

Discover bold ink inspiration with the top 50 best badass cross tattoos for men. Explore manly religious and Christian design ideas plus Celtic body art.

Los tatuajes de los relojes son tatuajes con mucho significado, ¿quieres saber más y ver algunos ejemplos?

Tatuajes de relojes para simbolizar el tiempo