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Do, Don't, and Please Don't

This is hilarious. No sandals, and no cutoff shorts. I guess you are taking the do's and don'ts of fashion seriously now.

Image result for never pause a disney movie

Image result for never pause a disney movie

#Humor #Funny

Funny pictures about The circle of fear. Oh, and cool pics about The circle of fear. Also, The circle of fear.

Sometimes teachers are awesome. @caogan3

Here are some awesome and geeky teachers that are doing it right. My personal fave is setting the wasp on fire and the gym teacher/ archer.

whoa...stoner steve is the same...lol same with photogenic guy

Sooo, extremely photogenic guy is still extremely photogenic, and Stoner Stanley is still Stoner Stanley.------Please remember that these are still people.but they will unfortunately be forever remembered by their unsightly pictures.

Lol omg I died at some of them

This Is Out Of Control

Awkward Ad Placements!

Awkward Ad Placements (Gayle - I'm pretty sure the one with the door handle was intentional.and hilarious)