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When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left. It's the mind playing back the persons memories in a dream sequence.

Unfortunately it did desroyed me and now, I have no idea what to do....

So, why don't we just deal with it? Its FEAR of confronting our issues that destroys us mentally not the issues themselves. it's others refusing to see our negative emotions because they are afraid of them.

Αυτό το Σ/Κ, απελευθερώστε πολλές ενδορφίνες και περάστε καλά!! ;)

Singing has positive psychological effects. Singing releases endorphins, making you feel better almost instantly.

Controlling your behaviorism helps your thinking processes. #healthandfitnesstips

Prevent Obesity and Health Problems In Children

using your non-dominant hand for mundane tasks (eating cereal, opening doors, etc.) for two weeks can improve your self control.

Ben Franklin Effect

Ben Franklin Effect (I would say to make the favor practical and easily achievable so they don't get frustrated at you instead)

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I've done this since i was 12 and swear by it!Why you should write down your emotions - journals or diaries can be for girls and guys!