HAHAHA you know what, I'm proud of Niall for not getting involved in all the DRAMA of today's relationships so I'm glad he's just eating a sandwich.

Niall, this is why I love you, this is also funny because all my friends are in relationships and just like; food is good, I like food, and kinda just keep eating lol

Corny.... But lovely

Zayn, Liam, and Louis looks unimpressed xD Except Niall! What are we going to do with you<<am i the only one who would always love harry's silly jokes? xD<<< Liam is like. I dont know him i swear!

Oh Niall lol

It's because he's Irish, isn't it? One Direction / Niall Horan / Liam Payne / Harry Styles / Louis Tomlinson / Zayn Malik《》《》《》. Niall is me. I would rather have money than anything else.

Lol I JUST showed my mom the actual picture from the music video yesterday!

One Direction Harry Styles Liam Payne Niall Horon Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik HAHAAH i love that!/ I laughed way to hard over this 😂

Hahahaha ive never laughed at louis and liam so hard before

Hahahaha ive never laughed at louis and liam so hard before<<<scrapbooking!

haha niall looks like he's about to eat louis after he says that! :D

haha Niall looks like he's about to eat Louis after he says that! :D well.