how to salvage jeans that are too small....great idea!   RECICLE E TRANSFORME UMA CALÇA QUE FICOU PEQUENA NUM CALÇÃO À SUA MEDIDA

25 Inspirational Ideas for Transforming Your Old Shirts

Sólo hay que cortar el bolsillo de pantalones vaqueros. Obtener la cosa en todo momento!

diy waist extender - article needs translated but picture is self explanatory/mdb

sew in some extra fabric in denim shorts that have gotten too small !

posted for the idea of adding fabric to the sides and making your pants bigger! Vintage Custom Light Denim Levis Jean Shorts with Side Panels

Shhhh! We won't tell anyone and no one will be able to tell! A quick fix to make tighter jeans a little more comfortable in the waist. This quick sewing trick is easy to learn!

How to Make the Waist Bigger on Jeans


Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. DIY Pom Pom Poncho Beach Cover Up