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What are the main courts in Liechtenstein?

In case of legal disputes and also in order to be informed on the juridical system of this country, our lawyers in Liechtenstein provide here a short guide on Liechtenstein courts.

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Information about the process of company liquidation in Liechtenstein, explained by our local lawyers.

How can you open a travel agency in Liechtenstein?

Municipal/Nation Palace in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein has no specific legislation targeting foreign investments because most of its industries are open to investments from nationals and foreigners. Find out more.

Find here what are the main advantages foreign investors have in Liechtenstein.

How can you establish a branch in Liechtenstein?

Find here how to set up a branch office or establishment in Liechtenstein. For company formation services in Liechtenstein, please contact us.

Do you want to open a company in Rotterdam? Our specialists in company formation may help you with the registration procedure.

How a local or a foreign investor can obtain a virtual office in Liechtenstein (Vaduz - the capital town - or other important locations).

How can you purchase a company in Liechtenstein?

Our attorneys in Liechtenstein offer legal advice concerning the acquisition of a company in Liechtenstein.

What are the business start-up costs in Liechtenstein?

Our law firm in Liechtenstein informs you on the legal framework for company formation in this country and on the business start-up costs in Liechtenstein.

One of the main reasons foreign investors open companies in Liechtenstein is the small country’s economic stability. Find out more about rating for Liechtenstein.

Find here why credit agencies have rated Liechtenstein with AAA ratings. For assistance in opening a company in Liechtenstein, please contact us.