Santiago Verdugo: Trees and symbols

Different trees. You can never have enough drawings of trees. LW trees, trees, & more trees

Mini-Tutorial nr 1 - Grass - przez ValaSedai na deviantART

A special little BG tutorial requested by In this I go over how to draw bushes, grass, and dirt. I hope that this helps! Art © to me I& love to see what you guys do with this tuto.

Artistas , Informaticos y viceversa

ahouli-lia: “ creepus: “ “ Anonymous asked you: Hey, is it okay if you like do a tutorial on trees and shrubs? PS: I looooooove your art and tutorial they are just soooooo wonderful, inspiratonal, amazing. ” aww thank you so much! haha well I.

Drawing tutorials - Nature - PART 5

Drawing tutorials - Nature - PART 1

How to draw a tree step by step. #drawinglessons

How to draw a tree step by step. These tips are for graphite, but work equally well with colored pencil.