The Candle of Gratitude - Soroca Moldova

April THE CANDLE OF GRATITUDE: The Candle of Gratitude is built in the rocks above the river Nistru on the borders of Soroca in Moldova. It is dedicated to all former Moldavian cultural monuments that have been destroyed by war.

bender, moldova | ... Bender towns, Noul - Neamt monastery. Guided tour in Chisinau,Moldova

Private tour in Chisinau. Transdniestr Moldovan Republic : Tiraspol and Bender towns, Noul - Neamt monastery. Guided tour in Chisinau,Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova. Maybe on the itinerary

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Moldova: Break-away region east of the Dniester River, on the Ukrainian border, where Russian forces are supporting the Slavic population...The Moldovan government has no control over the region of Transnistria, which declared independence, is self-governing, and therefore a de facto independent country.

Moldova is not a country high on many people's travel list but for polyglots it's a fascinating country linguistically. This week's article is the Romanian version of the original post in English from last year.

Вид на Кишинёв от ТЭЦ на Нижней Рышкановке ?

Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. My papa is from Moldova and I visited there

Chisinau, Moldova

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