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Zamboanga, Philippines “Where the World Meets”. Buying and Selling in the World’s Bazaars, Souks, and Markets

Steve McCurry - Philippines - The perspective leads our eye straight to the young boy. This image is like a teaser because now the viewer wants to know more about life there and the story of the boy.


Living Africa: photography by Steve Bloom. Pilgrim - Lalibela, Ethiopia A pilgrim reads from a well-worn prayer book near the church at Bet Giorgis.

A jovem Yoina Mameria Nontsotega, do povo indígena peruano Matsigenka, carrega seu sagui de estimação na cabeça enquanto nada pelo rio Yomibato, no Peru (fotografia de Charlie Hamilton James)

A pet saddleback tamarin hangs on to Yoina Mameria Nontsotega as the Matsigenka girl takes a dip in the Yomibato River, deep inside Peru’s Manú National Park. Photo by Charlie Hamilton James, published in National Geographic.