Paris August 1944 - Robert Doisneau Photography

bag-of-dirt: “ Members of the Maquis (French Resistance) barricade themselves on a Paris street during the Liberation of Paris from the Germans. Image taken by French photographer Robert Doisneau.

Soldier Shares A Banana With A Goat During The Battle Of Saipan, Ca. 1944

10+ Of The Most Heartwarming Historic Photos Ever

The liberation of Paris Robert Doisneau The liberation of Paris, 1944

La libération de Paris et des sentiments. / The liberation of Paris and emotions. / Août / August / By Robert Doisneau.

Construction worker atop a very tall structure with no safety harness

Obviously this man has no fear of heights New York City Iron Worker

and so it goes....

Anatomy Clip Art

I can DEFINITELY see the little boy being Ralph Waldo Emerson's son. Yes, Emerson did have a child, and being the smart and philosophical man that Emerson was, I'm sure his son turned out something like the child in this photo.

Robert Doisneau | Paris Occupation

Explore his archives through a choice of fifteen photos excerpted from Robert Doisneau's photo archives.

the joy of receiving a pair of shoes, 1947, following WWII

Austrian boy receiving new shoes after WWII. "New Shoes" by Gerald Waller, Austria Six year-old Werfel, living in an orphanage in Austria, hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. This photo was published by Life magazine.

Labeled as "Great shot of WWII action, the bravery of American soldiers and the love of their fellow soldiers" It's not real. ➡ This comes from the mind of Mark Hogancamp. After being brutally attacked then lacking funds for conventional rehabilitation, built a Nazi-besieged, World War II era town in his backyard at 1/6 scale and resurrected his childhood love for action figures & creates photographic stories of its intrigues.

Miniature Town Brings Its Creator a New Life

Great shot of WWII action, the bravery of American soldiers and the love of their fellow soldiers. Don't leave friends behind!