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Lettering Project by Amanda Powers, via Behance #FIDMFashionClub

Don't aim for success just do what you love and it will come naturally- Beautiful Hand Lettering & Calligraphy Designs

Find a Mirror and Keep looking until you find the Smile you need to carry on the day

Be the reason someone smiles today life quotes quotes quote smile life happy quotes life sayings

The trick is, you must allow people to travel their own path and find their own way

always love C.S. Lewis  ~ author of the Chronicles of Narnia

CS Lewis quote- There are far far better things ahead, than any we leave behind.

"Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The highest form of wisdom is kindness. I say the highest form of wisdom is loving the Lord with all your heart and soul - and then kindness :)

Love is spoken here :)

The Painted Arrow "Love is Spoken Here" gorgeous spring flower print

Positive thinking! Good to remember :)

"You can't live a positive life with a negative mind" Live this week with a positive mindset! Clear yourself of negative thoughts! Be positive, be happy, be healthy, be alive!

pretty sure I quote that A LOT thinking back to college days with @Alana Cooper Farrington

I’d rather look back at my life and say “I can’t believe I did that” instead of saying “I wish I did that" that's exactly how I felt 2 days ago when I fell of a cliff on my 4 wheeler.


Wake up everyday excited about life! Every day you wake up is a blessing, someone out there smiles because of you.