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black, hand, and black and white image

She could feel it. It was slowly choking her, and it had already won. After all, she couldn't wake up One of the race trying to control her demon.

Tree of Spades

I'm still amazed at how that tree formed an almost perfect spade shape! Farquharson Park, Scarborough one cold snowy night

Clipular! Screen capture reinvented. Screenshots collected.

vintage black and white photography. reflection sunglasses woman by jessie

Not yourself by Jova http://ift.tt/24NJgut

Jovana Rikalo is a talented self-taught photographer, visual artist and student who currently lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia. Jovana focuses on portraiture, she shoots gorgeous fin…

Your Breath Is Your Conversation With The World

Your Breath Is Your Conversation With The World (Sakara Life - News)

Claw Marks Up Your Spine - Polyvore

/ people always said "cannibal" with such a negative connotation, but she thought eating the demons might build up an immunity.

Black and White Spray Paint Cans  ◽️▫️▫️◽️

"Though this picture is simple. I have done black and white photography for many years and my favorite element of design is contrast. The contrast in this photo takes it from simple to interesting." I think this a fine example of contrast/black and white.

Chicago, Illinois

Beauty in the mist: 30+ mysterious and intriguing photos of fog

Foggy Night, Chicago, Illinois (cityscapes city at night fog mist bright lights)



Anxiety is Not an Emotion! Learn to be mindfully identify and embrace the real feelings that are driving the anxiety and stress response.

Magical - http://www.facebook.com/contreladeforestation

Silhouettes are amazing, and I love the three deer (three is a magical number). I also love the light rays making it look early in the morning and giving the dusky feeling. Making the picture black and white was a good choice.

☣ Bad Reputation ☣

paint on skin would be cool. could be more abstract like this or more detailed? i have this yellow dress and it would look kinda cool if i painted sunflowers on my skin