Boracay Island in the Philippines. @thecoveteur

Boracay on a Budget: A World-Class Island in the Philippines on $23 a day

Enjoy one of the most beautiful islands in the world on a low budget! I'll show you where to find cheap hotels, accommodation, bars and restaurants in Boracay.

Paradise in the Philippines -kc

This Is Officially The Most Beautiful Island In The World

Boracay island,  Philippines

Boracay, Philippines - I was just saying - hey, that looks like the Philippines. I miss that place and its people and its fruits.


Boracay Island Philippines I was amazed at how beautiful blue and green the beaches are in Boracay. A must for travellers

White Island,Camiguin, Philippines

White Island, Philippines /// not me, but Travis will be going to the P. at least once if not several times; my mom has convinced me i'm too "white" to go back :p

Bacuit Bay, El Nido (Palawan) Philippines

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A joyful honeymoon destination celebrated in numerous songs and movies as a classical resort where you can easily let your hair down and relax on the sandy beach with your favorite cocktail in hand. Acapulco, a famous symbol of an ideal vacation, is