Photo extraite de En Corée du Sud, les tatoueurs sont illégaux. Pour déjouer l'interdiction, voici ce que font...

Le tatouage des oreilles très populaire en Corée du Sud


Floral tattoo on neck by Grain Bit concerned about back of neck. A lot of places, actually, since I recall you have to be careful with places with bone and/or tendon

These strangely delicate tiny floral tattoos have the cleanest lines we’ve ever seen

If you're obsessed with small tattoos and flower tattoos, than these cute, tiny floral tattoos will wow you. These delicate tiny floral tattoos are SO CUTE.

Juli this one cute and size is perfect

Biggest Tatto Gallery - 2017 trend Tiny Tattoo Idea - Tiny colourful tulip tattoo on the wrist. - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now