Photo extraite de En Corée du Sud, les tatoueurs sont illégaux. Pour déjouer l'interdiction, voici ce que font...

Le tatouage des oreilles très populaire en Corée du Sud

Behind-the-ear floral tattoo by Doctor Woo

70 Tiny Tattoos For Women With Minimalist Mindsets


If you are dying to make a rebellious statement, but do not want to make too much of a splash, behind the ear tattoo is just here for you. Tucking a tattoo behind the ear not only

Cherry blossom tattoo design @ Instagram

Finally a beautiful minimalist cherry blossom tat I've been searching for ever to find one!

You think getting a tattoo bigger than your fingernail could be too much to start with? How about those cute little tattoos? If getting a real tattoo, even a tiny one, is not for you, you can alway…

10 Cute & Tiny Tattoos

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Small Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women at - Rose Rib Back Tatt - Back of Neck Back of Ear Arm Minimal Floral Tat

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Mini tattoo -----   Small Dandelion Tattoo Behind The Ear.

70 Pretty Behind the Ear Tattoos

Tiny Tattoo Idea – Hot New Tiny Tattoo Trend Is Surprisingly Classy (And Kendall Jenner-Approved, If That Matters!

Tiny Flower Tattoo Inside of Finger.

50 Beautiful Finger Tattoo for Women

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Cute Finger Tattoo Ideas That Will Totally Inspire You To Get One - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

This would be really neat on the side of your hand

Delicate Flower

27 Adorable Tattoos That Are Appropriate For Work: In many workplaces, a bold line stands between creative expression and professional presentation.