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AUDI Mission to the Moon on Behance

Two Audi Lunar Quattro rovers will be landing on the moon in Audi has already booked the launcher rocket which will take the rovers for the long trip.


Giant Nasa spider robots could 3D print lunar base using microwaves

Tomas Rousek, Katarina Eriksson and Dr. Ondrej Doule are collaborating with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory on plans for a modular architectural structure at the lunar south pole.

The Dallol volcano in the Afar Depression,  north-east Ethiopia | ©Pascal Boegli

This volcano has always intrigued me because it's so unique.Acid lakes at the Dallol Volcano in Danakil Desert, Ethiopia

3840x2715 mission to the moon 4k windows background wallpaper

3840x2715 mission to the moon 4k windows background wallpaper

Philae's photos on Comet. While the images show a range of grays and blacks, the comet is actually “extremely dark -– blacker than coal,” the European Space Agency reports. The images are gray-scaled after being taken to highlight the comet’s features.

Incredible Photos Show What It's Like On The Surface Of A Comet

The Philae lander has detected organic molecules on the surface of its comet, scientists have confirmed. But the team are still trying to interpret the results. It has not been disclosed which molecules have been found, or how complex they are.

VEG-03 by Dragos Matkovski. (via concept ships: VEG-03 by Dragos Matkovski)

by Dragos Matkovski. is a utility vehicle capable of transporting a crew of two people, one of the many spaceships VEGA (Interstellar Travel Agency) has in its possession.


OBLIVION concept art by Thom Tenery Concept Art, Visual Development, Art Direction Los Angeles, United States of America

Good Wallpapers Wallpaper

One day our Souls will remember the way it used to be.