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Univers féérique

Digital Art by Chinese artist Lian Yan Fang.

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Male Fantasy Warrior, Iron gloves, fur, leather. Medieval. by Eve Ventrue.

Artist: Eve Ventrue aka EVentrue - Title: gawain - Card: Bors, the Black Knight

Christian Heart - Following the Kahn

Edric- chosen by Ashton for his swordsmanship. Arrogant and said to be an acquired taste.

wizardry-torawareshi-bourei-no-machi-arte-017.jpg 490×1.000 píxeles

Elf Mage, rpg, DnD, D&D, fantasy world. character concept by pintrest


m Half Elf Bard med armor Sword midlvl Myunghyun Choi : . (Awesome look)

Fantasy Male Warriors | Fantasy art. swords, horned lions, guardians. | Fantasy Warriors

Folken, ranger of the wild. Knew Kitai as a child in the Halek tribe but went hunting with his father and disappeared. His companion is the owl "Squinty" (as the group calls him). He is guided by Talu, an ancient horned lion.

male elf fantasy art | Castle of fantasies: Male elf portrait  Unseelie King?

A super portrait of a male elf. Castle of fantasies: Male elf portrait.

noble warrior, swordman, espadachin, royal blood, rpg, dnd, D&D, Ailfir von Donnerbach by GerryArthur.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Ailfir von Donnerbach by GerryArthur on DeviantArt

barbarian overcomes the worst of winter

m Barbarian Battle Axe mountains snow Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon.

Basco "Dragão Vermelho/Rubro", Pirata Caçador, Exilado da Montanha, Capitão do Navio Fantasma Devorador de Almas

Captian Ian Tyde of the Aquarion. He, along with his rag tag crew and a group…

ArtStation - Cahir - Gwent, Lorenzo Mastroianni

m Ranger forest hills ArtStation - Cahir - Gwent, Lorenzo Mastroianni

Plot Bunnies anyone? ~ Hardened Hunter by drkside777

"Hardened Hunter" He strikes a resemblance to Ben Stiller, in my opinion. On another note, I admire the action in the hair, as well as the silent fierceness in his face--it makes his role/character convincing.

Tranquilien by *Cashile on deviantART

[[Tranquilien by *Cashile on deviantART]] General Caharon of the Dark Elves of Waods

Character inspiration for the Pirate Rex Masters of Charlotte & the Pirate. (provenance unknown)

Character inspiration for the Pirate Rex Masters of Charlotte & the Pirate…

Different Warriors with very elaborate and beautifully drawn clothes - drawing reference

My dear demons