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Character inspiration - White Lion - Detail WIP by suburbbum Menshikov Menshikov Menshikov Sivokoz You'll like that one :)

Princesa La Guerrera Del Amor ƸӜƷ - Comunidade - Google+

Princesa La Guerrera Del Amor ƸӜƷ - Comunidade - female armor always get the boobcups when illustrators take a shot at it. Ref it gdammit!


n Norse mythology, the World Tree called Yggdrasill runs like a pole through this world and the realms above and below it. Yggdrasill is a great ash tree that connects all living things and all phases of existence.

Not sure about the mage, but i love the bird/butterfly electric magic thing.

Maple by loveldsunmomo

Inspiração: Dez Artistas que Você Precisa Conhecer #7

female fighter character concept

f Paladin w 2 swords platemail Visual for the female fighter character concept I'm working on.


It's been a long time guys, too long maybe Some concept art that i did for a prototype, she's a warrior that wears Dragon skin! View the Promotional poster here ->