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Diablo III barbarian my favorite class to play as! I loved using the leap and then stomping on enemies to stun them.

"Though mortal men have little life beside the span of the Elves, they would rather spend it in battle than fly or submit. The defiance of Hurin Thalion is a great deed; and though Morgoth slay the doer he cannot make the deed not to have been. Even the Lords of the West will honour it; and is it not written into the history of Arda, which neither Morgoth nor Manwe can unwrite?" -Turin

Epic Illustrations by Michal Ivan (the weapon he's wielding seems a bit misplaced, but regardless this is amazing work) Don't know what the artist was drawing from for inspiration, but it reminds me of Hurins last stand.


cyrail: “spassundspiele: “ Armoured knight female – fantasy character concept by seunghee lee ” Featured on Cyrail: Inspiring artworks that make your day better ” Lake of Amazing Art


womenfighters: “ Actress Kelly Chen from the movie Empress and the Warriors ”

Never Give Up. https://www.musclesaurus.com

Never Give Up. https://www.musclesaurus.com


Fantasy Art: Grin At You - Digital, Concept art, FantasyCoolvibe – Digital Art