Draw an elephant. Note: This is a hybrid of the Asian and African elephant. Ears are African elephant (Asian elephant has smaller ears). Back is an arch like Asian elephant. (African elephant has a dip in the back). Impress your kids.draw and elephant.


Caroline Piochon cats Reminds me so much of my cat! I would get something like this if I were ever gonna get a cat tattoo Gish look at the kitties😍

horse tutorial by droemar resources stock images tutorials traditional ...

horse anatomy - how to draw a horse step by step - So cool. I hope that I can draw horses like this one day.

Cat 5

Cats Poses References by Eifi--Copper on DeviantArt Tap the link Now - Luxury Cat Gear - Up to off and Free Worldwide Shipping! Check out our Cat

Cat Dump by jessyr.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Aerisians are descended from feline ancestors. Their movements and body language is reflected in this.

artandtravels:  fucktonofanatomyreferences:  Doggies vs. kitties!!! Drawing refs!!!!! [From various sources]           Useful!

As people have been asking me for a wolf-anatomy-tutorial showing how to draw a wolf from zero. I know my own art is far from perfect, so I'm not &.

A little brief anatomy sketch kind of thing explaining some poses. Yes, you can use these, there's no need to ask Wolf or Dog Pup Poses Set 1

Ciameth's Wing Tutorial    wonderful...all you need to know of wings and birds

A bird wing tutorial in a slightly simplified, cartoonistic, but still realistic style. And yes, the mentioned book is any learning artist's bible.