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Happens everytime and I wonder if K-Pop fans have a different set of eyes then these people haha #lovemybigbang #2ne1

When I showed my friend kpop for the first time she looked at me and shook her head like I was some crazy person and know she really likes and have I done to my friend?

#wattpad #alatoire Pleins de kpop memes pour garder le sourire

kpop memes - kpop memes #2

Yeah this is me for the most part. The most annoying thing is when a group *does* come to Japan, they always go to like Tokyo or Osaka which are super far south from where I live. When FOB comes in April, we’ll have to take a plane to go, most likely


Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views. // I mean, yeah, I'm Asian? But I'm not Korean, and I don't necessarily like it just because I'm Asian.



This exactly what goes through my mind when people say I am weird for liking KPOP.


Me when I try and get answers from the other geography class for the exam


I am just going to save this to BTS because that is almost the only k-pop band I listen too.

Hahaha all my oppas hyunjoong oppa , lee min hoo oppa all the oppas lol


Life of a fangirl. Eff it any fangirl. I wish I can freaking at least marry an anime character but no they had to do that annoying thing an not exist.

It just doesn't work

haha so true but its all good we got our kpop kdramas handsome korean boys and we still have a million friends all over that are just like us :) :D

I actually missed spelled it the other day and was like..."oh right, I'm supposed to be American....."

I saw the word "Shiny" on the blackboard and then for a moment I wondered why the teacher misspelled it, and then it hit me XD

Haha I this ain't me-

basically me with Korean! Especially when I'm watching Jonghyun video posts on insta. I get so excited when I understand what he's saying and think "yeah, I can totally live in Korea now". Totally me!

I am literally eating sweets as I”m pinning this,the irony!!! TTwTT

id care for the figure but just my faceeeeee is kinda chubby need to loose baby fat forr the cheekbones to appear!