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K-pop ringtone  -true except it's big bang Fantastic Baby for me  --SHINee for me!

Why kpop fans should not have kpop ringtones (though we all do) Mwahahaha

Friend just gave up in life | allkpop Meme Center

Friend just gave up in life

The friend who gave up on trying to cope with the Kpop obsessed friend


Yes please

when someone asks about something related to k-pop----------- "let me handle this"

Bahahaha } Wrong context for "sumimasen"~~~but still! Hahaha

We Got Married Global Edition Season Bahahaha I love Hongki! } Wrong context for "sumimasen"~~~but still!

And that's how i finished 133 episodes of ugly alert and many other dramas. Lol.

Typical Korean drama watcher

Me XD #Kpop #Meme #Funny This is so extremely accurate that I don't even...

This is so true but I lip sync too while Im listening to it lol

I Love You, Maru-Chan

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