Niall.James.Horan.stop being so freakin adorable.right now.(I wish you were here with me!! Oh,ooh,ooh)

Niall girl down! Niall with the grin and the hair and the coat and the swoon [gif]

Niall's reaction to a fan's joke...This was definitely one of my favorite parts from this weekend

Niall seems like the kind of guy to laugh at all kinds of jokes.even if they aren't funny love you Ni!

Haha! I don't like listening to leaked albums, not even One Direction, but I found this hilarious!

At the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards earlier this year, Niall accidentally let this slip, lol that boy


I am truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with niall horan. nouis and niall in overalls is very important to me. previously snuggling-nialler :)

he went from looking like a grumpy frat boy to a bewildered child

That year wnen nialls lil` hair was long enough to hang out of his lil` hat.