•ѕнe тaѕтed lιĸe advenтυre and нearтвreaĸ• @livylane

Today is the fifth anniversary of Niall's audition I think I'll cry


Omg I wish I was in the Fandom when this all happened the only thing I regret is not joining the Fandom earlier

Reasons why I cry

Niall dancing at Greg's wedding>>> awwwe>>>> a classic Irish wedding can't get through one with someone breaking into a jig

I think Niall is officially a fangirl. Look at him creepin and whatnot. haha this was in SLC

"Niall is a Belieber" things change, people change<<<<<um this is not Bieber!<<<<that's why she said things change

There is no bigger Niall girl than Niall himself xD

gif Niall Horan + his wax figure he is like literally the biggest Niall girl ever>>>>honestly, I would kiss his wax figure just because he's kissed it.>>>>> I never thought I would wish to be a wax figure.

Oh Nialler... I would ask you that question all day long just to see you smile....

Oh Niall. Fetus Niall and Louis though❤️

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