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Live as if the world was blind, and their only impression of you was how you talked, loved and acted.

Ooh i loovveee drawings of lips, i wish i could draw it like this, but actually i'm a beginner sooo. But one day, i will draw lips in a good way :)

Hoy simplemente os dejo un ejemplo de como dibujar unas bocas realistas. La boca es una parte importante del dibujo, ya que da personalida...

I found this post and thought it would be a great place to try and start drawing lips realistically to get the gist of it for anyone trying to develop into an artist.

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Academic drawing - contour lines _ thinking lines _ decision lines _ hatching and cross hatching - but are there any cross contour lines ?

2. Now I’ll focus on the complex shapes inside the ear. Make sure to consistently compare shapes to the shapes around it. Keep checking angles and the size relationships of the shapes. Breaking up the curves into segments of straights makes it easier to design and draw accurately. It’s ok to exaggerate shapes if you think it will m

Teaching the students the basics of how to draw, shade, illustrate, etc. the features of the human face. Once they learn these basics, they can use this information as they draw their own faces.



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How to sketch the blinking process Bliss This reminds me of your drawing- the top eye and the half-face that i didnt want to be a pirate. Also these eyes are beautiful