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You can make use of credit cards, opt for a costly payday loan and can even use your car as ac collateral for loan

Diploma in Sound Technology As a future technician of sound, the Diploma in Sound Technology will provide some added beat to your practical skills, including mix down techniques, studio procedures, production techniques, basic studio acoustics and business management, and will also educate you on the theoretical knowledge you’ll need to hit the right note in your chosen career path.

This programme is designed to provide learners with the competencies required to manage functions within a sound technology workplace.

Certificate: Office Administration (ICB) A career in office administration opens up a variety of exciting avenues where you can start out as an administrative assistant responsible for creating spreadsheets, maintaining databases, managing filing systems and invoicing - and work your way up to Office Manager. So get your ducks in a row and enrol for this exciting certificate.

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Housing Allowance for Ministers

A housing allowance is a great tax benefit for ministers. See how to set up and administer this allowance.

You discover you made an error on your tax return, or maybe you've received a 1099 form that got lost in the mail (and that you'd forgotten to include when filing your taxes). If this occurs for a tax return filed within the past three years, refile your tax return using the IRS' 1040X form.

How to Refile Taxes for Previous Years

Cut Your Taxes: 33 Ways to Pay Less in 2016 and 2017

33 Smart Ways to Cut Your Taxes Right Now

Use these deductions, credits, income shifts, investment moves and other strategies to cut your taxes and pay a lower tax bill.

These tips to DIY your taxes and choose tax preparation software will help you avoid mistakes and make sure you get all your homeowner tax deductions.

How to DIY Your Taxes — and Not Miss a Single Deduction

If you're a homeowner, don't miss out on taking these valuable deductions on your income taxes. Just another reason to own instead of renting!

Diploma in Public Relations Are you an above-average individual, with an amazing talent for people and words? If so, then a career in Public Relations is your next step to success? Explore the Diploma in Public Relations, which will open doors in various exciting fields.

While much of marketing has made its way to digital platforms, events coordinators thrive in a dynamic sphere where connections typically take place in physical spaces with face-to-face contact.

IVF costs tax deductible

I’ll let you in on a little tax secret that not many trust attorneys or financial advisors know about: the same property can be taxed differently for estate tax purposes than for income tax purposes.

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