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Things like this remind me of him. I never would've guessed we would've fallen for each other.

When I first met you I never realized how much you would end up meaning to me love friendship best friend life quote

30 Love Quotes for Him #Love quotes #Sayings

30 Love Quotes for Him

Steven Quotes About Love 50 Adorable Flirty Sexy & Romantic Love Quotes Quotes About Love Description He broke down her walls without her even noticing. And when he rebuilt the walls he added windows to let the sunshine in.


Good morning my love! I went to bed thinking about us and woke up thinking about you. I will think about you all day long. I am counting the days before you are finally where you belong.

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I miss you.and its not something I cant deny,I will always be passionate about the things i love in life.i still pray every night that someway,somehow.we will cross paths again,and just stare at each other for a moment,before i gently say you're name

Waiting for it to happen....

Wonderful, Thank you Lord for such an amazing experience. To really love so strongly, I am happy I LOVED & continue to fall in love with him more & more everyday!

You are making me smile now my sweet love.. Now just imagine i was there and let's sleep ok?

Alone with you safe in my arms.where you can feel how much I love YOU.feel it in my touch.taste it in my kiss.I Love YOU Baby. YOU are My Baby

Nawet w złe dni nadal będę z ciebie zadowolony

You make all my bad days better. Just knowing you love me and will always be there for me when you can, means the world!

I wish I could show up at your door step right now and spend the whole night with you. Missing you quotes on

I wish I could just hold you tight and tell you that I am here for you and I will be there for you forever. I wish I could show up at your door step right now and spend the whole night with you.