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11 Most Amazing Glass Houses - glass houses, glass house

“Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.” What an idea – to live in a house made entirely of glass. How long do you think it takes to clean all those windows? Contact the Designer: Santambrogiomilano

Library of Birmingham - Explore, Collect and Source architecture

Interesting facade, Library of Birmingham, West Midlands, England. Architect: Mecanoo, photo by Christian Richters

Concrete brick screen

Frida Escobedo — La Tallera Siqueiros — Image 23 of 52 — Europaconcorsi not brick but maybe we can do this kinda vertical garden thing indoors with brick?

Kuningan City - DP Architects                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Kuningan city mall entrance, a mix used developement designed by DPA Singapore, photography by Mario Wibowo, an architecture & interior photographer based in Jakarta.


Suivre les lignes du désert

Agence d’Architecture A. Bechu & Associés Wins Competition for New University Campus in Moroccan Oceanside Town,Courtesy of Agence d’Architecture A.

♥♥♥ Витражное остекление фасадов. Долгое время витражное или панорамное остекление фасадов использовалось для оформления торговых центров, офисных и общественных зданий. К примеру, его активно использовали в автосалонах – через стеклянную витрину машины отлично видны и, оставаясь надежно защищенными от непогоды, привлекают покупателей.

15 Must-See Buildings With Unique Perforated Architectural Façades (Skins)_ 3 Danial Apartment, Tehran

Amazing Orquideorama Medellin | #Information #Informative #Photography


way way too much living wall here, but really like the two story living wall idea, dramatic #livingwall

way way too much living wall here, but really like the two story living wall idea, dramatic #livingwall

Stunning Designs of Staircases (10 Pics) - Part 1 | #top10

abstract design but amazingly beautiful. Photographer used pixel benders to distort balconies and outside stairs in new york city