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A team of Italian designers and IT engineers are showing off their concept design for an "iWatch," amid much speculation about Apple's smart watch plans.

This gooseneck lazy wall mount ($48). I need this bc my arms get tired when I'm laying down and on my phone!!

21 Insane Gadgets To Make Your iPhone Even Cooler

There are 2 style for you to choose, and It suits for device size range from Inch. You can use it under bed or desk. Product Feature: Tablet Phone Dual-use Lazy Bracket Patented design, super holding handle Universal Pull Clip

Plug-In iPhone Case http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/plug-in-iphone-case

Plug-In iPhone Case

Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger - iPhone case with an integrated wall charger. Charge Your iPhone Without a Charger.

Beginning of transhumanism: telescopic bionic eye implant.

Telescopic eye implant approved by the FDA

We love eye implants, and we've seen our share of them, and this one is pretty sweet (although it isn't the creepiest by a long shot -- that prize would.

iBGStar device will allow Diabetics to manage their condition on their iphone.   blood glucose monitor attaches to your iphone

New app will allow diabetics to manage condition on their iPhone

The Sanofi iBGStar blood glucose monitor, which connects directly into the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, allows people with insulin-dependent diabetes to manage the blood glucose levels (links to technology)

Turn Your iPhone Into A Groovy Lava Lamp

Beautiful color changing iPhone dock The Lavalamp for the Century. on Wanelo

iFingerLock Biometric Padlock Doesn’t Need Keys Or Combination

iFingerLock Fingerprint Biometric Padlock – don’t worry about losing your keys because your fingers are the keys

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy iPhone / 5 Case - Backlit Edition - Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Integrated Apple Commands.

What You Ought To Know To Be Heart Healthy, Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff, Only $38.00

High Blood Pressure Acv

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

chaise lounge | Cool Furniture: The Multimedia Wave Chaise Lounge | Spot Cool Stuff ...

Space saving furniture for teenage bedroom design. Modern teenage bedroom furniture, new design ideas for small rooms.

Portable Rechargeable Smartphone Projector Offers Ultimate Portability

Portable Rechargeable Smartphone Projector Offers Ultimate Portability -- well isn't that just nifty!

Apple iCamera by Tomas Moyano, via Behance

Designed by the Designer Tomas Moyano, the iCamera is apple concept where "You Capture, what you see". Its more efficient and high-tech than iWatch and iPhone / iPhone Watch out for yourself.


grandes ideas e inventos

Coolest gadgets – Bladefish Underwater Scooter – a must have for the beach. for 'dem lazy days, don't judge.


22 More Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - FB Troublemakers make a plant watering bottle from old water bottles