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9 Detalles espontáneos que a las mujeres nos encantan

i want my boyfriend/girlfriend to carry me around the fucking store on their shoulders like hell yeah

Idk who this guy is but he's cute aaaand he's holding an adorable baby

seeing guys treat kids is the cutest and most attractive thing ever - evie

Cada momento com você, se torna inesquecível, queria te agradecer por tudo, principalmente por fazer parte da minha vida, às vezes Deus acerta tanto que não sabemos nem como agradecer, eu estou te olhando agora, e te acho cada vez mais linda, mais fofa, gentil, humilde, pessoas como você estão em extinção tenho Ctz! Obrigado por tudo minha princesa. ❤️ @flaviacharallo

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soulmate24.com ((Open Rp, be the guy)) I was in the library one afternoon, when I turned around to see my life long crush standing behind…

I was in the library one afternoon, when I turned around to see my life long crush standing behind me looking at a book. I instantly started to panic and tried to act normal. "Hey, I know you," he said with glee.

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On the bus in going from his town to nashville, a 40 minute drive, we were going to an underground concert where we met this crazy fucking kids our age and took extacy. We ended up crashing in a motel room with about 90 other people.

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In my opinion, all couples should be given a happy relationship guide at some point in their journey.