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1878 Victorian Mansion in Dutchess County, New York. I'm sure I had a previous life in this era!

Palatul Kretzulescu (Rumanía, 1902). Petre Antonescu (Rumanía, 1873-1965). // Perfectamente adaptado a la naturaleza en la que se integra, fue construido en estilo romántico con elementos decorativos del Renacimiento francés.

Palatul Kretzulescu (Romania, by Petre Antonescu Blending perfectly into the natural landscape it was part of, the Kretzulescu Palace was built in the Romantic style, with French Renaissance embellishments.

Ghika Gradisteanu Palace, Bucharest

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French Garden

French Country Home


French Gate House - would love to see what this looks like inside (& a floor plan). would be the best kids bus stop ever