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Surreal and Dreamlike Portrait Photography by Nacho Zaitsev #inspiration #photography

Nacho Zaitsev is a talented self-taught photographer and digital artist, who currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Beautiful Fine Art Portraits by Deidra Leigh #inspiration #photography

Deidra Leigh aka Relic Imagery is a talented self-taught experimental photographer and retoucher, based out of Tampa Bay, Florida.

Fine Art Portrait Photography by Javier Cortina #inspiration #photography

Javier Cortina is a talented photographer, who was born in Sant Boi de Llobregat and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Rosie Hardy Escapes into Fantasy Worlds Through Her Self Portraits (12 pictures)

Rosie Hardy Escapes into Fantasy Worlds Through Her Self Portraits

“Reza a lenda que quem vive coisas boas são as mesmas pessoas que as fazem, e que o que existe entre o "ter" e o "ser" é só ponto de vista e força de vontade.”

the wind whistles spirited songs,self portrait orbs dance frolic movement landscape fine art photography brookeshaden texture by les brumes


Models Dive 25 Meters To An Underwater Shipwreck In Bali For A Literally Breathtaking Photoshoot. Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong is known for his complex productions and very stunning powerful images.

Incredible Natural-Light Female Portraits by Alessio Albi

Photo by Helmut Newton, shot in Australia for Vogue, May 1964. #JetsetterCurator

Vogue Australia, 1964 by Helmut Newton. Love the bathing suit, but sure that kangaroo wants to kick her. as Kangaroos Doo!

Gorgeous Fine Art Portraits by Lars V. Andersen #inspiration #photography

Lars V. Andersen is a talented self-taught photographer and artist from Aalborg, North of Jutland, Denmark.

by Antonio Mora

ART: Dreamy Portrait Series by Antonio Mora Spanish-based artist Antonio Mora, also known as mylovt, uses the web to craft his surreal works. He looks through online databases and finds images that he later combines into unconventional portraits.

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This Artist Merges The Outside World With The Bodies Of Humans And Animals And The Results Are Amazing

This photoshop combines scenery pictures with a portrait picture, which adds a very somber feeling to the image.