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Romania is a rich country when it comes to traditions and superstitions. Modern Romanians only keep a few of them, but many of the old traditions can be disco

Winter holidays and Christmas traditions in Romania: the Bear dance, the Masked carolers and the Goat - Romania Insider

The „Goat” (Capra) dance is an ancient romanian tradition. Throughout the season, teenagers and young adults especially enjoy caroling with the „Goat”. The „Goat” is actually a usually boisterous young person dressed up in a goat costume. The whole group dances through the streets and from door to door, often with flute music. This tradition comes from the ancient Roman people and it reminds us of the celebration of the ancient Greek gods.

The Goat (Capra) - costume for Romanian traditional dance executed with the New Year traditional festivities




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Why Pure Romania? Traditions and a simple pure life that nurtures the soul and the spirit!

Why Pure Romania? Traditions and a simple pure life that nurtures the soul and…

ceramica de horezu

ceramica de horezu


Romania rural landscape, one the best kept Europe's secrets, the place where the time hasn't moved for decades, a place where the traditions and the human kindness are well preserved

Brasov, Romania

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BRASOV is recognized as one of ROMANIA'S most beautiful cities. It has the vibrance & character, with a blend of natural beauty & unique culture that best captures its essence, & makes it an exciting place to visit!