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Laravel 5.1 TLS Cheat Sheet #laravel #laravel5.1 #laraveldevelopment…

We mentioned it before in an earlier post, we at Webfactory LOVE Laravel. And the Laravel Cheat Sheet is a well known cheat sheet under Laravel developers and frequently used by our Webfactory development team.

How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic -

How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic

The How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic presents sources to help you decide what programming language is best for you and how you can learn from others.

Key differences between HTML & CSS  Have a big network of executives and HR managers? Introduce us to them and we will pay for your travel. Email me at

A must read infographic on the key differences between HTML vs CSS that covers html vs css basics, backgrounds, uses, website applications, etc

HTML5-Reference-Poster.jpg 2,338×3,310 pixels

We have made a modest effort to create a Reference Poster; we hope that this poster makes it easier to use HTML, for web professionals.

The Ultimate 2016 HTML Cheat Sheet #Infographic #WebDesign

The Ultimate 2016 HTML Cheat Sheet #Infographic

This infographic shows all the required HTML commands that you’ll ever need! Editing HTML isn’t the easiest of things so we have incorporated the most common commands that you can use for editing HTML. ** You can get additional details at the image link.

Been working on my own little app directory and forgot about it. Saw one the other day and thought i'd finish up.  Edit:  Hey Imgur! Thanks for the responses!  Firstly, I would like to apologize for choosing my words poorly. A lot of people felt as if I was saying that these applications are Windows exclusive, or not available in some form on other platforms. The reality is that the majority of the list is Cross Platform for all major desktop OSs (Yay! Rejoice!) Thanks to things like ...

Free Windows App

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CSS Reference : Un guide complet autour des propriétés CSS

CSS Reference : Un guide complet autour des propriétés CSS

An extensive CSS reference with all the important properties and info to learn CSS from the basics

Whether you’re learning HTML or you’re a practiced hand and need a refresher, this HTML cheat sheet gives you a quick reference for commonly used tags, what they do, how to use them, and examples of how they wo

Last update: October, 2016. You want to learn HTML, right? Having a proper cheat sheet will make your life a ton of easier. When I started out with web development (back in 2004), I used have a cheat sheet, too. Now it’s all in my head, though. Whether you’re savvy web developer or just a …