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Framed branches a stylish and easy way to decorate your walls. Get 3 frames of the same size and cut up branches to fit inside glue / nail in place.
Custom Order Page. Birch Branch Triptych by MadeAtTheLake on Etsy
Tracie at ‘Cleverly Inspired‘ used a garage sale frame and some branches to create one of a kind wall art! Easy tutorial…
hipster way of displaying your family photo is done easily with wooden planks, clips and couple of wires. Go rustic by hanging your washed-out or black and white pictures on a semi-clothesline.
Interesting twist on shelving. Looks simple enough to do....
Fusion Frames [What about other ''rule-breaking'' shapes? Letters, breaking the 4th wall so completely that it can't frame anything, sections of frame that go off on dead-ends, distortions partly along the lines, frame in middle w/ picture surrounding, etc]
Porte-rouleaux papier wc