More Thrift Shop art: Nice frame with old faded picture removed, vintage damask place mat for background, and vintage handkerchief folded origami style into a sweet vintage-style dress!

folding vintage hanky into doll dress | Foldthe left side in, again offsetting from the bottom corner by 3 ...

Make our Hankie Doll for Valentine's Day with FREE vintage images, simple materials and tools. We offer full instructions and FREE Valentine vintage images.

Frame pincushion - paint a thrift store frame & combine with vintage linens......

How-To: Vintage Framed Pincushion

Very sweet idea! Framed pincushion using a vintage embroidered doily or handkerchief. I like this idea!

framing old hankerchiefs

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One of the only things I took from my Great Aunt Betty's apartment after she died were some of her vintage handkerchiefs. She had stacks of them because she grew up in a time when people actually used handkerchiefs and more than anything else in her home these remind me of her. My own tastes lean modern so for now I'm just going to hold onto them (perhaps I'll try actually using them), but if you, too, have a similar collection and favor a vintage vibe in your home, here are some ...

Achoo! Vintage Handkerchiefs As Decor

Turn a vintage hankie into heirloom photo art!

What Can You Do With Vintage HANKIES Handkerchiefs Frame a picture - very precious! The wedding hankie a brides picture and a pressed flower from the bouquet.

Ways to display great grandmas hankies.

This little polka dot and floral Heidi lookIng Hanky Dress framed in vivid red. This was made from a vintage - handkerchief. The Hanky