Lump Sculpture Studio specializing in Corten Steel: October 2012

Lump Sculpture Studio specializing in Corten Steel: October 2012 - Gardening Dreams

Back to Light Features A set of three Light Feature Panels featuring our Tree Laser Cut design was commissioned by MasterChef Australia. Originally inspired by our Tree Hand Cut design the Tree Laser Cut boasts a bolder image of the delicate tree.  A custom sized Light Feature Panel featuring the Lump Tree of

Lump create unique corten steel sculptures, corten cladding, water features, decorative screens and other original artworks.

Outdoor art, landscaping, privacy screen, rock, metal, pottery

Wattle - Metal Laser Cut Screens - Outdoor Screens Wall Features - Watergarden Warehouse Another idea for door into Admin Surrounded by plants to soften look Perhaps edible orange or lemon tree added into mix as client keen on edible garden?

I am not a big fire place fan, however.... This is cool

Unique and Gorgeous ways to display Fire

Modern Home Fireplace Designs by Elena Colombo : nice contemporary wooden fireplace. contemporary wooden fireplace,elegant home fire features,modern fireplace design,Modern fireplace designs features

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Back to Screens Lump Sculpture Studio's 'Tree Screen' works wonderfully as an outdoor centerpiece - it's warm, earthy tones and organic shape…

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Yellow Metal design and manufacture high quality custom letterboxes, house numbers and signage for your home or business.

coastal contemporary pergola - Google Search

Landform Consultants - Tourism Malaysia garden Chelsea 2010 designed by James Wong and David Cubero

Olive tree corten steel light panel by Lump Sculpture Studio

Could adapt to be front gate design? Olive Tree Design featured on Corten Steel with a natural rusted finish. The standard size for this panel is x x Ch.