love print studio: a Christmassy Colour crush on the blog today...blues and greens with a hint of peachiness, yummy!

Oooh, I have got one totally yummy colour crush post for you today, with a nice Christmassy theme. Nothing against the traditional red.

Bit of a festive colour crush post for you today...         (clockwise from top left)     1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5  | 6     x x x

Bit of a festive colour crush post for you today (clockwise from top left) 1

Colour crush...

Colour crush... (loveprintstudio)

I couldn't resist doing a colour crush post during this Easter week, and in terms of a yummy colour combo for this holiday.

love print studio blog: Colour crush...something blue

I'm really liking these blue/ indigo shades lately, so thought I'd do a little colour crush post.

The next installment of Christmassy moodboards today. So far, we've had a classic Christmas , a cool Christmas , and next up, is a .

Colour crush... | loveprintstudio | Bloglovin’

Colour crush... (loveprintstudio)

Well, it's officially Autumn now.bring on the dark nights, cozy socks and hot chocolate! Here's a colour crush to get you in the mood. (image credits clockwise from top left) 1

love print studio blog: Colour crush...

What I love: patterns, cool & calm colours, illustrations. Feels a little too folksy for our brand though.

Colour crush...

Colour crush... (loveprintstudio)

Got a thing for dreamy.sugary sweet pastels, opaque and pearlescent loveliness, with gorgeous soft colour washes? I& got just the thi.

love print studio blog: Happy Monday!

I'm signing off for a couple of weeks rest & relaxation so thought I'd leave you with this little number. LOVELY THINGS

It's Christmas week! These will be the last few posts before I sign myself off for some much needed rest and relaxation over the festive .

I'm taking a little blogging break for a few days, so I thought I'd leave you with this yummy mood board to peruse.   A selection of lovely...

Well, we've had kitty inspired party moodboards so now we're having a little ode to the Unicorn!

love print studio blog: Colour crush...

Colour crush...

Heres a lovely little colour crush post for you this Friday with a happy, shiny, bright, retro feel. (image credits - clockwise f.

love print studio blog: Top posts of 2014!

Well, I've had enough of the rain and stormy weather here in the midlands so I'm going head on into spring with this colour crush post toda.