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The original picture needed to be adjusted

The original picture needed to be adjusted

Skyrim: Beginning vs. End

Skyrim: Beginning vs. End

A fantastic comic by George Rottkamp and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly taking a look at how players handle various situation at the beggining vs. the end of Skyrim

Skyrim jokes never get old

Dragonborn is a douche. If I had a dragon for a pet it would totally be a grammar nerd. Seriously, Dragonborn, you really need to use the accusative if you're talking about a direct object.

What You Think You Look Like vs What You Actually Look Like in Fallout 4 #dorkly #comics #videogames

Another comic needs your help, I'll mark it on your map View Fallout Comics More Fun Than a Cave Full of Deathclaws" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Kill the horse?!? F that!! You jump down slowly!! People don't jump enough IMO.

Skyrim fall

Oh Skyrim, You Silly Game.

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