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So I saw this meme....

So I saw this meme....

but for this blueberry dragon it is much easier to make a rly gud and trustworthy team cause of how nice I am on mope.

Getting a New Game is Like Hooking Up

Getting a New Game is Like Hooking Up

Getting a game is like hooking up // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

[RMX] Who Wins ?

[RMX] Who Wins ?

far cry 3 humor. True story.

What happens when you let tigers out in Far Cry 3

What You Think You Look Like vs What You Actually Look Like in Fallout 4 #dorkly #comics #videogames

Another comic needs your help, I'll mark it on your map View Fallout Comics More Fun Than a Cave Full of Deathclaws" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Well, I wasn't born when there was only the Super Nintendo and Gameboy, so I guess I'm still a gamer for playing those games these days, because we have those systems XD

Yep, started when I was when first NES came out. Loved duck hunt, that explains things.

Video Game logic...Kassie will appreciate this even more than me.

Video Game logic...

Oh my gosh I love this

XD I usually just mess around with my player icon and everyone starts doing it but it's still inevitably awkward