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Being alone can make you happy and at peace, while at the same time create an emptiness inside your heart

I've walked this land of l nothing for a very long time and the only thing there is my spirits that tell me truths that hurt and call me there queen of darkness and depression.

23 Photos That Nail What It Feels Like To Have Depression

23 Photos That Nail What It Feels Like To Have Depression

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle.” ― Lewis Carroll

“Every soul innately yearns for stillness, for a space, a garden where we can . rest, and by doing so come to a deeper sense of self and our place in the universe

The rain splashed around her but Annie hardly noticed. She didn't notice anything other then the grief that was clawing at her chest. She choked back a sob but it was no use, they kept coming. How had this happened?

Azula's Breakdown by ~LaGelian on deviantART~ this is incredible. Azula really is such a dynamic character, in my opinion much better than the actual fire lord. Because Azula is everything. She is what Zuko could've been, and what he decided not to be.

Successful author Warren Adler shares his perspective on how a novel ends and how to arrive at the best possible ending for your novel.

How a Novel Ends

Everything that mattered to me got taken away in 2 seconds. Now i have absolutely no reason to stay. Won't be long till i'm gone forever.

Loneliness by Vadim Skapenko on Fotoblur | Fine Art Photography

This photo shows SPACE because the only subject in the photo is a person standing on an edge. The photographer purposely made the person small and placed him or her in the corner to represent loneliness.

Guess that's why you're not.

Should have never given you a second chance. a matter a fact I dont think you deserved one at all. I did this to myself, but u always lied :( I gave u everything and expected nothing but honesty, truth and respect and I got none of the above.

You win. Have won. The entire time. No matter what, this was your desired outcome. It wouldn't have mattered if I had never fought back, or even if I had kept quiet, or even tried being nice. Nothing I could have or should have done would have changed a thing. So, you win. I am gone. No longer any part of this equation. So, please. Leave me be. Allow me peace after a year of having none. Let me live my life ..the one I was rebuilding before all of this.

And there I am surrounded by this light feeling it entirely fill my body. I'm dying, I thought becoming an angel wouldn't result in my death. But this is it Game over I lose