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Sexy Time: A two handed gesture where a circle is created using the index finger and thumb of one hand through which the index finger of the other hand is inserted. This gesture is often used as shorthand to crudely represent the act of coitus.

intheshadowplay: “ Scandebergs, Hand Signs and Mute Bodies, BOYCOTT ISSUE 4, 2016. @scandebergs ”

Scandebergs is a creative studio founded by Stefano Colombini and Alberto Albanese. Working between London and Milan, they create images standing at the intersection of editorial, fashion and fine art photography.




Hikaru Cho’s surreal body manipulations. pinned by Liberhada ♥

the amazingly romantic color palette by Kristian Schuller

One of my favourite photographers Kristian Schuller has released an ebook of his magical work, entitled 90 Days, One dream. In 90 days, Kristian Schuller trav…