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William's Candyland Long scroll of a website that shows more content as the reader scrolls. Accents of food and utensils decorate the sides make it seem a little busy, but otherwise great use of white space.

Food Restaurant

This page uses the Gestalt principle of perception of beautiful photography to communicate the idea of high-quality food. Giving us the first impression that if this design looks great, the food must be fantastic.

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CARREFOUR BIO by Thomas Ciszewski Texture, bird eye view perspective. Love the style and concept.

CARREFOUR BIO on Behance by Thomas Ciszewski

Carrefour Bio On Behance By Thomas Ciszewski Webdesign It Web Design Layout Userinterface Website We 2

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Very strategic presentation of a physical menu displaying the information and beside it, the images of the food. Nice use of grids, easy to read, great on black background

To make your website as easy to use as possible, consider using a fixed-position menu. The panel maintains position while they view the page. This is easy for the visitor and good for marketers. Design your front page to be a minimal as possible. People scanning websites glance quickly at each site they see, so of you front page is simple enough and shows them what they desire, then they are likely to... FULL CONTENT…

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Pane. Smell the bread on web. (More design inspiration at #webdesign

Website, this would be interesting for the menu, maybe have a photographer capture images of each dish; Focus on the dishes

Bakery Website by Mike | Creative Mints

Bakery Website

Molino :: Traditional Bakery – website design by Mike CreativeMints, via Behance … tastes so good!

secret-pour-mieux-dormir Le secret pour mieux dormir [infographie]

[infographic] Secret to Better Sleep – Lots of great information about why you need your sleep and some causes of poor sleep. Also includes ideas for getting and staying asleep. "I should take nap MORE OFTEN"