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eine rose wurd immer eine rose bleiben ob sie wil order nicht

The Rose of Versailles, episode “The Black Rose Blooms at Night”

animefoodissugoi: “Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997), J.C. Staff, Funimation Entertainment ”

animeismywhore: Revolutionary Girl Utena, episode “For Whom the Rose Smiles”

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21:07 : Photo

Jules delicately placed her feet in the pond and felt ripples of water cascade away from her. Her eyes were red and teary. Her expression was stunned. It was late at night and Jules was still in her night dress.

The Rose of Versailles, episode 19: “Farewell, My Sister!”

animeismywhore: “The Rose of Versailles, episode “Farewell, My Sister!

Hey sis, explain this to me when ya can? Mkay? Cause I know you follow my thing and I follow yours, soooo you can explain this to me even if I forget about it! :D Also, NOOO THE SHIP HAS SUNK! And it was the Canon one too!

This was just cruel. I remember being five years old and thinking, “TF Darien?