One of a Kinds | MDX

The exceptionally uncommon is definitely in-demand and photographer Jai Odell and casting director Beth Dubin took it upon themselves to seek out Londontown’s rarities, hard to find faces and those with that special something.

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Katya @ Elite in 'Crazing on me' by Tetsuya Maehara for Wonderland magazine September makeup Michelle Dacillo @ Caren using MAC Cosmetics, hair Miho Emori

Lauren Faye  Snapchat: lauren.clo  London  Email:  Creative Direction

Helplessly Forcing One New Disguise (SSAW Magazine) Lea Colombo - Photographer Teiji Utsumi - Hair Stylist Thomas De Kluyver - Makeup Artist

On maquille ses lèvres avec son eye-liner et on met son piercing nez chez Monki

Monki et le maquillage, la nouvelle histoire d'amour !

(Beauty dish) Strong lighting coming from directly in front of the model, possible reflector was used underneath models face?

KHA 2014

- hair shapes, colours in hair and brows, expression + clothing.

Overexaggerated freckles, a smudged lip and unblended eyeshadow sat atop a sultry, metallic eye.