From a slideshow of tattoos inspired by science, this one is a drawing of Edison's patent for a recording device. You rock, anonymous limb.

15 Amazing Tattoos Inspired by Science

Tyler Rollings with a drawing of Edison’s patent for a recording device. Adapted from Science Ink by Carl Zimmer © Sterling Publishing co.

Schrodinger's Equation. The middle line is the Bose-Einstein distribution.

Schrodinger-equation-tattoo It's this or a cardboard box with a paw on it.


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this is what my next tattoo is going to be, only simplified. Darwin's tree of life.

first evolutionary tree that Darwin sketched in his 1837 Notebook B on the transmutation of species

Bishop’s solution to circular slope stability and associated freebody diagrams.

23 Incredibly Elegant Science Tattoos

I wish I had one like that

Derek Matherne at Southern Sting Tattoo Parlor in Larose, Louisiana. --I love the stained glass idea. Not necessarily the mermaid part though.

74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever

74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever