Imagens para Inspirar - Paladinos I

Crusader, Diablo 3 by MikeAzevedo on deviantART armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc


Fun fact: when gladiators or warriors wore no chest plate to cover their vital organs, it was a challenge to their adversary. Perfect excuse for why Savas and Kyna wear such skimpy armor, besides the.

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quarkmaster: “ For Honor concept art Here is a concept art for one of the knight character of Ubisoft For Honor Guillaume Menuel ”

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The Darkening of Lautrec, The First Sunlight Warrior, The First Moonlight Warrior, Lord of the Darkmantle and thus Father of the Corrupted.

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I think if I can manage, I will have a villain whose just an armored man in dar k ghostly armor and it& empty. He rides a black horse and is living, but only eyes glow behind its helmet.