Randomly Happy: How to Sew | make your own t-shirt pattern

Super cute and easy //Super easy tutorial to make a slightly fitted shirt with slouchy sides and arms! Only need 3 measurements to make it! Love these super quick/easy tutorials!

Drafting your own t pattern, very detailed http://madmim.com/my-basic-fitted-t-shirt-pattern-made-to-fit-you/

The Best tshirt drafting tutorial ever!: serious the best. Make your t-shirt a fitted shirt.

Learn sewing basics with this page on how to read sewing patterns! #sewingbasics

How to Read a Sewing Pattern

Learn sewing basics with this page on how to read sewing patterns! #sewingbasics

one piece dress! amazing! something to try with knit fabric? I'm going to try something on this line

One piece dress idea done with a shirt that fits you well. I think this would actually be pretty neat if doing s dress without any darts.

Elastic Waistband Trick | Blog | Oliver + S.  No more twisting and turning.

elastic waistband trick

elastic waistband trick : Leave a little extra space in the width of the casing, and edgestitch the top edge of the waistband before you feed the elastic through.

C: Pencil skirt from scratch, baby!

Stretchy Knit Pencil Skirt Tutorial: Super easy and comfy pencil skirt, made this one in 30 minutes! Perfect for you busy women! Supplies: knit or stretchy material (preferably thicker material) sewing machine or needle and thread thr.