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"You were always my favorite Foxy." That be me XD Five Nights at Freddy's < all these fangirls holy asdfghjkl

Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom

"When you leave your fans arguing wether if FNAF 2 is a sequel or a prequel, you've really done something wrong!" - Matt Patt (Game Theory) <<< oh snap!

To who ever needs this. Please remember every each and everyone of you are important. And take care of yourselves because someone out there really cares about you.

Mike jermy and phone guy actualy have good advice, purple guys advice is only…

Jessy's Place, More FNAF requests featuring rule 63 Mike Schmidt,...  HA FOXY S EYEPATCH FLEW UP!

Jessy's Place, More FNAF requests featuring rule 63 Mike Schmidt Freddy is like 'hey what's up hello' Bonnie is like 'Yasss" And Foy is like 'DAAAAAMMMN girl'

Fnaf animatronics shaming... XD >> 'I exist' XD

someone give springtraps sign to purple guy. Springtrap did nothing wrong he is precious. Purple guy is the real asshat here

Haha lol

Cured five nights at freddys. Awww poor chica, so miss understood :,(