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Ahhh! That meal was excellent!

Isn't she gorgeous at baby koala! There is a colony of Koala's living at Raymond Island, East Gippsland, Victoria. Just around the corner from where I live.

Wombats - they look like they have a great sense of humour, don't they?

18+ Cute Australian Animals Pictures that Can Melt Your Heart [So Cute

Red Panda "Laughter" by Youhei Yamazaki

Red Panda smile - The red panda (Ailurus fulgens), also called lesser panda, red bear-cat and red cat-bear, is a small arboreal mammal native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China

Madagascar, southeast África monkey

This is a doll, not a real animal. Oncilla by Santani on DeviantArt original art dolls. "Madagascar, Southeast Africa Monkey, they are very cute & animated!

I'm making a snowman♥

Squirrels playing in the snow looks like building a snowman, : A totally awesome set of photos by Vadim Trunov. (at the linnk)

What's that I see over there?

Koala bears are not in fact bears, but, like Kangaroo's and Wombat's they are marsupial's. They are called Koala Bears because they look like teddy bears.

Un lindo chimpancé

Un lindo chimpancé

Baby Koala

Because there are times when we all just need a good tummy tickle rub.