19 days

19 Days - 2.00 por Aka Tenshi no Fansub

Algo así Espero no encuentren este contenido desagradable , yo soy de mente avierta , ojala y ustedes también

Getting ready for another day

This is like me and my girlfriend. She takes hr to get ready and me it takes 15 or 20 min lol (Geek Stuff Couple)

19 Days | This is me. I am this boy.

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19 Days 19 Days manga, Read 19 Days 1 chapter, 19 Days 1 Page 34

Adoreii esses dois... Shahshahshsh

A Saga Da Amazona Matadora De Baratas

Irmãos sao para isso

Idek what this says but it looks sad lol

asdfdbsvcgdhjvhcs lo amo joder XDXDXDXDXDXD es una bella dama pecho peludo XD ajjajajja

19 Days - 2.00 por Aka Tenshi no Fansub

19 days beautiful fan-art on tumblr

The first Mo Guan Shan's was hot and sexy, and given by He Tian, you're lucky